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Large Animal Medicine

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5.to eat bushes, shrubs or trees
6.method of restraining sheep by placing them in a sitting position with the front legs elevated
8.debudding; to remove horn growth in kids or calves by use of a hot iron or caustic substance
10.to eat grasses and plants that grow close to the ground
14.oral administration of liquid medications
15.breed of a normally horned species that does not grow horns
16.restraint method using ropes to place an animal in lateral recumbency
17.bovine viral diarrhea
20.food and drug administration
21.to remove an animal from the rest because it does not meet a standard or is unproductive
22.more than the normal number of teats (2 Words)
24.united states dept of agriculture
26.infectious bovine rhinotracheitis
27.california mastitis test
28.heavily keratinized surface of the upper jaw of ruminants that occludes with the lower incisors (2 Words)
29.collection and evaluation of rumen contents
31.ending the production of milk when milk yield is low or before freshening (2 Words)
33.heat detecting bull altered to be unable to breed successfully (2 Words)
34.mechanical device that secures livestock around the neck to allow accessibility for feeding, milking and examining
35.baby llama
1.streaks of fat distributed throughout meat
2.cow that is near parturition
3.large pill or mass of food
4.Animal and plant health inspection service
5.emasculatome: castration device that crushes the spermatic cord directly through the skin
9.tool used to administer pills, boluses, or magnets to livestock (2 Words)
11.young female cow raised to replace a less desirable cow (2 Words)
12.the amount of wave in wool
13.animals with hooves: artiodactyls and perissodactyls
16.mechanical device that is used to restrain the head and body of livestock
17.class of dewormers, includes fenbendazol, thiabendazole, etc.
18.left displaced abomasum, right displaced abomasum
19.giving birth to dairy animals, thus starting a fresh lactation cycle
20.food safety inspection service
23.feeding high quality feed before slaughter to increase carcass quality and yield
25.infestation with maggots (2 Words)
32.food animal residue avoidance databank

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