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Justin Bieber Crossword


1           2    
4 5                       6
  7 8 9      
          10   11      
13               14                  
16 17            
19         20            

1.Justin's favorite TV show
5.justin's favorite candy
10.Justin's favorite shoe brand
12.Where Justin use to perform when he was twelve
13.the name of justin's newest album
14.justin's best friend
17.The name of justin's first album.
18.The country Justin was born in.
19.Justin's mentor
20.the website that started justin's fame.
2.The name of L.A Reid's record label that signed Justin
3.Justin's middle name
4.The name of Justin's youtube channel
6.When he was 12-years old finished second in a local singing competition called __________ _____.
7.Justin's manager
8.The name of Justin's mom.
9.Justin's first song
11.Justin's favorite color
15.the name of Justin's fragrance
16.Justin's favorite sport to play growing up.

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