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Bible Places and Things #1

Pastor Greg Lilly

Bible Cities and Interesting Things

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7.This city's walls fell without being attacked by any army
10.This city defeated the Israelites because of Achan's sin
11.This is the name given to the breastplate of the High Priest
12.Sexual sin within the family unit
15.This was on fire and God spoke to Moses from it
19.This is what God called the light during creation
21.This city is where Jesus was raised as a child
23.Sexual sin before marriage
25.This is what God called the Dry Land during creation
27.This is the Garden where Jesus went to pray before He was taken to trial
30.This city is where Jesus was born
31.Also called the Word of God
33.The Psalmist told us to not walk in the ________ of the ungodly
38.This action is what God does for us and what we should do for others
40.Job was said to do this to evil
41.Another word for being paralyzed in the scriptures
42.This is a sin that God hates according to Solomon
43.The original Old Testament text was written in this language
45.Moses struck this twice and God was very displeased with him
46.He delivered the message of God to the people in the Old Testament
48.We must have God's help to control this small anatomical part of us
51.The original New Testament text was written in this language
53.This is what man has done to fall short of God's glory
54.The opposite of Good
55.Jesus hung on one of them as He died for our sins
56.This is what we should do to the New man
58.This means to ask God for something
1.Who told Job to curse God and die, his _______
2.This is the place where Satan will dwell forever and the lost
3.Jacob and Esau argued over this and Esau sold it for a bowl of soup
4.There were ten of them and God gave them to Moses to give to the people
5.Jesus and Ezekiel are called Son of this
6.This was the island where John was when he wrote the book of Revelation
8.This city is the center of religious worship for Israel
9.This is a part of our anatomy and can be used to confess Jesus as Savior
13.This is the title for Jesus when we are calling Him the Messiah
14.Satan is called a Red one of these
16.This means that you cannot see
17.This is God's unmerited favor
18.Jesus did several of these and defied explanation
20.The very next prophetic event
22.This means that we become God's project as Paul told the Ephesians this
24.This is the name given to a tower in Genesis and also Babylon's first name
26.This is what God did in the beginning
28.Sexual sin within marriage
29.This word means 'Daddy' and Jesus said we could use it with God
32.Jesus used these to teach spiritual lessons using earthly things
34.This is another word given for 'languages'
35.This is the title given to the kings that came to find Jesus and gave Him gifts
36.God put a flaming one of these to block any return of Adam and Eve
37.We are told that the Lord is my ___________
39.This is what we do to the Holy Spirit when we follow our emotions
42.Jesus is called this animal in reference to the tribe of Judah
44.This is what God called the darkness during creation
46.This is the title to the next person in line to the throne after the king
47.Another word for dream in the scriptures
49.Where Israel was held captive for years
50.This is God not giving us what we truly deserve
52.The name of the Garden where the first man and woman were banished
57.The name of the land where Job lived

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