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Science Vocabulary Words, Grade 6

Mariella Florimonte

Here's a crossword puzzle involving the Science vocabulary words we've been studying. Good luck!

  2 3
  4   5          
    8     9 10
    16   17    

4.A range of colors that a beam of white light is separated into
11.Energy that travels across distances as certain types of waves
13.Object that orbits a larger object
15.The transfer of energy from palce to place by the motion of heated gas or liquid
18.Space and all the matter and energy in it
19.A group of billions of stars held together by their own gravity
20.An imaginary line running through Earth's center
1.The Sun, the planets, and variouis smaller bodies make up this
2.Earth's average distance from the Sun
3.The path of an object in space as it moves around another object because of gravity
5.A flattened circle or oval
6.When hydrogen particles combine to form helium
7.A dark area on the Moon
8.The area of sunlight is at a maximum in one hemisphere and a minimum in the other
9.The distance between one wae peak and the next wave peak
10.Group of stars that form a pattern in the sky
12.The motion of one object around another
14.Occurs when a shadow makes the Sun or Moon seem to grow dark
16.When sunlight shines equally on the northern and southern hemispheres
17.The Sun's outermost layer

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