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A Month of Seven Days

Daija Smart

1 2          
3             4   5
6           7
9   10            

2.to flounce or glide along
3.done, arranged, or acting in an orderly and systematic way
6.a point of a pen
8.to make angry: irritate or annoy
9.to become less harsh or less strict
12.a twisting of the face to show pain, disgust, or anger
15.gloomy or sullen
16.a bitter organic derivative of the bark of a South American and Asian tree that is effective in treating malaria
1.a kind of berry bush with thorns on its stems. ex: raspberry and blackberry plants
2.a coal pail with a wide lip or spout
4.a person who eats human flesh
5.a happy adventure
7.to put a spell or curse on, by means of witchcraft
10.to load with cargo
11.to make angry or annoy on purpose
13.in an unhealthy, gloomy mental state: preoccupied with sickness, abnormality, or death
14.to attack by throwing things or by repeated blows

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