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More Bible People

Pastor Greg Lilly

Who Am I?

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3.She was Timothy's grandmother
4.He walked naked before the world and God to show his faith
10.He is known as the weeping prophet
12.He was the father of John the Baptist
14.She won a beauty contest
15.He was Paul's professor and taught him the perfect manner of the law
17.He was never baptized but Jesus told him he would be in paradise that day
18.She was a handmaid and bore Abraham a son
20.He was the son of Jonathan
22.He was king of Babylon during the time Daniel was taken captive
24.She was Moses' Mom
27.He became king and saw a hand write on the wall
31.This man John said had a good testimony of all men
32.Jesus called Peter this name and said Satan wanted to sift him like wheat
33.He was a minor prophet and a herdmen of Tekoa who wrote of judgment
35.She was a very wicked woman who was eaten by the dogs when she died
36.She was also called Dorcas and was a disciple full of good works
39.Paul told Timothy that this man loved the present world and forsook him
40.He was a run away slave who accepted Jesus as his Lord
42.He was stoned to death and proclaimed I see Jesus
44.He was king when Jesus was born
46.He witnessed to a eunuch and after he accepted Jesus he baptized him
47.His order placed Daniel in the den of lions
48.She prayed to God for a son and then gave him up for God's service
1.He was a minor prophet and married a harlot
2.He was the disciple who betrayed Jesus into the hands of the Sanhedrin
5.Paul told Timothy to keep the faith, but this man made it a shipwreck
6.He was high priest when Jesus was placed on trial
7.He lived in the wilderness and ate locusts and wild honey
8.David lusted after her and then killed her husband
9.She was one of the sisters of Lazarus
11.He was king of Salem and is a type of Christ
13.He lived in the tombs and could not be bound even by chains
16.He was instructed by the Lord to speak with and instruct Saul of Tarsus
19.This was the name the disciples called Jesus meaning teacher
21.No record is made of his death only that he walked with God
23.He got mad and killed his brother Abel
25.She was Timothy's mother
26.He is a minor prophet who wrote about the coming of the Messiah
27.He was prince of the devils and some people called Jesus this name
28.He lived 777 years and had a son named Noah
29.He was one of David's sons and he tried to kill David
30.He was Moses' Dad
34.He learned how to be courageous and Bibles are given through his name
37.He instructed the children of Israel where to take his bones in the new land
38.He was David's son and he prayed to God for wisdom
41.He was called Hananiah by Ashpenaz the master of the eunuchs
43.He was Elijah's assistant who asked for a double portion
45.He was a very strong man who fought with the Philistines

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