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Health Crossword

Elizabeth Snyder

  6     7
    9   10
14           15      

1.Delaying the time of day when you smoke or chew
3.Physiological indications that the body is reacting to the removal of nicotine from the system
5.Abruptly quitting smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco
8.To have a great desire for a cigarette or chew
12.Influence by people of the same age, grade, or social level to smoke or chew in order to be accepted
13.A compulsve phyisiological need for the habit forming drug of nicotine in cigarettes and chewing tobacco
14.Methods of accomplishing the goal to quit smoking or chewing
1.Relying on cigarettes or chew to hold a special meaning or function for the person
2.To carry on the habit of not smoking or chewing by planning ahead
4.A stimulus that initiates a physiological or emotional process
6.smoke exhaled from the lungs of a smoker
7.smoke from the burning end of a cigarette
9.Gradually decreasing the total number of cigarettes or chew used each day, it does not matter the time of day the person begins to smoke or chew
10.To unconsciously smoke a cigarette or chew tobacco
11.To deal with and manage to overcome problems and difficulties when smoking or chewing
15.To stop smoking or chewing

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