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Bible Book of Jude

Pastor Greg Lilly

Interesting Facts from New Testament Book of Jude

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1.These men were trees without what
4.Believers in order to turn the tide of destruction should build up what
5.What group of individuals would be in the last times walking in their lusts
8.We should always try to make a what in the lives of others
10.Jude said we should keep ourselves in the ________ of God
12.These men are described as wandering what
14.What should we be looking for unto eternal life
15.How many thousands of saints will join in with the Lord in His return
16.What activity should believers also do in the Holy Ghost
2.This is what Jude said should be earnestly contended for
3.He was an archangel who contended with the Devil
6.This was a description of the men who had infiltrated the church
7.Who were these men denying
9.What kind of dreamers were these men
11.These men were described as clouds without what
13.We should strive to save others with what attitude

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