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Migrants, Policies and "Romulus My Father".

Jacob, Gopika and Samuel

1 2 3
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14                     15 16
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4.The farmhouse in which the family moved too and spent most of their lives at?
5.Raimond's mothers name?
9.Romulus was a ___ and often sold his goods?
11.Australia changed its policies in order to become a ____ country.
13.The country Romulus and family travelled from?
14.Mitru's brother and Romulus best friend (Hint: his real name, not shortened version)
17.Romulus felt ___ by society? (Hint: starts with I)
18.When the family was seperated on arrival, the father was sent too? (Hint: starts with B)
19.Name of the state they lived in?
21.Romulus always considered himself a ___?
1.Romulus and his family were transferred to ___ Migrant Reception and Training Centre (Hint:starts with B)
2.In Romulus my Father, it is evident that the Australian community still preferred the ___ Australian policy? (Hint: Colours)
3.A word used to describe racism and the way foreigners were treated? (Hint: starts with D)
6.Romulus had a passion for caring for ___.
7.The family wasn't fully ___ by soceity. (Hint: another word for belonging)
8.The policy used by Australia to ensure immigrants integrated into the Australian culture? (Hint: starts with A)
10.The country Romulus and family are travelling too?
12.The mode of transport they used?
14.Romulus said he felt like a ___ in Australia.
15.Another word for Rules used by the Government against migrants. (Hint: starts with P)
16.The name of Romulus favourite bird?
20.Migrants were required to work for __ years wherever they were sent, on jobs of the governments choosing’

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