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Intercultural issues

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3.the most important or central part of anythinh.
5.receiving clear direction from above about how things should be done.
7.easy to reach.
11.using person`s first name, even for someone`s boss.
14.unplanned thoughts.
15.a greatly respected person whose ideas are followed.
16.privileges granted to employees in addition to their salaries, e.g life insurence,company car.
17.not changing your opinion or attitude, keeping to the same priciples.
18.handling several things at the same time.
1.people stand near to each other.
2.ideas typicaly associated with men:physical strength, aggressiveness - a stressful type of organizational culture.
4.done or located in a building,place, etc.
6.the people om the other negotiating team.
8.doing only one things at a time and then moving on.
9.non - verbal communication, which consists of body posture, gesture,facial expressions,and eye movements.
10.the ways that peopl in an organization such as police think and talk, not approved by the leaders of the organization.Racist and sexist attitudes shared by many ordinary workers within an organization.
12.discussion with another person or group in order to try to come to an agreement or settle an argument.
13.to say what you think.

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