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Rock Types & Their Properties

Finish the crossword puzzle by finding the word that fits its description.

1 2
3                       4
7 8             9    

3.igneous and sedimentary rock changed due to high pressure or heat
5.metamorphic rock texture that include hornfels and skarn
6.rock that accumulations from rock, minerals, animal and plant materials
8.the layering of metamorphic rock
10.igneous rock texture made up of tiny crystals invisible to the naked eye and have a flow texture
11.rock that is formed from molten magma
12.sedimentary rock composed of older rock
1.metamorphic rock texture that include granulite, some marbles and quartzite
2.any metamorphic crystalline rock texture that have a parallel arrangement and include schist
4.sedimentary rock with a crystalline texture
7.igneous rock texture consisting of crystal grains visible to the naked eye
9.a type of igneous rock

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