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Temperate Grasslands

Courtney Richmond

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12                 13      

3._______________ of the world's grasslands covers the Earth today.
6.Heavy ____________ is rare.
7._______________ of the world's grasslands used to cover the Earth.
9.Prairie grasses are ____________.
10.Land that has the most fertile soil.
12.____________ is the dominant soil-forming process in semiarid regions.
14.Shortgrass prairies get ____________ inches of rain a year.
15.When you move ______________, rainfall increases.
1.Found in the interiors of continents where there is too little rainfall for trees to grow.
2.____________ changed the grasslands.
4.Overgrazed grasses are constantly chewed down and cannot regenerate or hold the soil causing further ____________.
5.____________ determines which type of grasses will grow in an area.
8.____________ animals such as Prong Horn Antelope and American Buffalo (or Bison) have large, flat back teeth for chewing coarse prairie grasses.
11.Rain clouds from the west are blocked by the ____________ Mountains.
13.Only few ____________ survive because of drought, fire, and constant battering of winds that roar over the land.

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