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1.Unable to describe our world to ourselves or another person. (2 Words)
5.Doing the opposite to the way we learned a role. (2 Words)
7.Extensive talking, analyzing, talking around and about an issue rather then feeling feelings of vulnerability, fear, helplessness and so on.
11.An attempt to preserve a protective part of the parent so that the child feels less at risk.
15.Pushing down of powerful and painful emotion to a region of the psyche where it is out of reach.
16.Able to accurately tune in to our internal world and to act informed by the information we're receiving. (2 Words)
23.Adult children of trauma can experience more than normal amounts of it that can lead to panic disorders.
24.When a child puts their own needs for being taken care of aside and learn to make connections through taking care of others.
26.An individual striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards, accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others' evaluations.
27.Imbalance of power and victim isolated from other forms of support. (2 Words)
28.Those relationship dynamics that get created over and over again.
29.Avoidance and amnesia. (2 Words)
2.Blocked ability to react affectively. (2 Words)
3.The profound level of an inability to experience, name and share emotion or describe an emotional state with any detail. (2 Words)
4.An experience that triggers a traumatic memory in someone who has experienced trauma.
5.Playing the role as we learned it with our own personality. (2 Words)
6.Modeling or imitation. (2 Words)
8.Produces anxiety and a feeling of reliving the original emotions.
9.Results from circumstances such as war, death, natural disasters or family breakups. (2 Words)
10.Where a person is out of touch with their emotions relating to a particular event or circumstance. (2 Words)
12.Results from an accumulation of experiences such as abuse, or persistent school of family problems. (2 Words)
13.Feelings about one person or situation are displaced onto another.
14.As an attempt to protect themselves from sudden emotional pain or cumulative emotional pain the individual shuts down or numbs their feelings. (3 Words)
17.When we feel powerless to change a painful situation (2 Words)
18.Inability to recognize and make use of emotional reactions.
19.The little girl who is being sexually abused and temporarily leaves her body that is, goes to another place physchically.
20.The emotional brain that directly governs mood. (2 Words)
21.That piece of unresolved history from past relationships that gets projected into people in the present.
22.Constantly scanning relationships for signs of problems or waiting for the other shoe to fall.
25.A rewrite to reality to make it more palatable.

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