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Test 4 Review Guide

Mr. White, Ms. Taylor & Mr. Kane

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37                                       38

1.This person won the Election of 1896 due to backing from rich industrialists.
4.This terms means that wilderness should be preserved for future generations.
6.This compromise, signed by President Taft, kept high taxes on imported good.
7.He was a populist who ran for president and gave the "Cross of Gold" speech.
10.Which president coined the term "Bully pulpit"?
11.This organization helps African Americans protect their lives, their right to vote, and secure their civil rights. (Acronym)
14.Journalists who wrote sensational stories to expose corruption in big business and other social injusticies.
15.I helped create Yosemite National Park and worked with Roosevelt to conserve lands in America.
16.Wilson's plan of reform was called ____________________.
17.A deadly fire at the _________________________ brought about many changes in workplace safety.
23.This said that senators would be directly elected by popular vote.
24.The ability of citizens to remove a government official before the end of their term.
28.A bill that is written by the people.
29.President Roosevelt's plan for progressive reform was called ________________.
30.This allowed for a Federal Income Tax.
31.This divided the nation into 12 banking districts to make sure that the money was never in the hands of one person.
34.Upton Sinclair wrote ____________ which told the horrors of the Meat Packing Industry.
35.The Hull House was founded by _____________________, which helped the urban poor and taught English to immigrants.
37.This group tried to stop distcrimination against the jews.
39.People who favored the gold standard.
41.This means the right to vote.
42.I advocated the immediate recognition of equality for African Americans.
43.The devestation of this city showed the need for a Mayor-Council system.
44.________________ believed that the government should help restore economic opportunities and correct injustices in American society.
45.I helped form the Grange to aid farmers.
46.This group helped the urban black poor.
2.The two leading figures for women's suffrage were Susan B. Anthony and ___________________.
3.This group worked to stop the abuse of alcohol in America.
5.This example of big buisness and a monopoly was owned by John D. Rockefeller.
8.I advocated the learning of basic skills and the gradual attainment of equality for African Americans.
9.This group worked to collectively sell crops for farmers and work on getting cheap loans from the banks.
12.This act was designed to protect the quality of our foods and medicine.
13.Author of "A History of Standard Oil".
18.This gave women the right to vote.
19.This act strengthend the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, giviving the federal government more power to "bust trusts".
20.When Roosvelt became unhappy with President Taft, he ran for President again under this party.
21.Famous photographer who pubished his photos in "How the Other Half Lives"
22.The National Consumers League was founded by _____________________________.
25.This court case established the "Seperate but Equal" idea.
26.People who wanted to increase the amount of money in circulation by adding silver to the gold standard.
27.This President did not distinguish between good trusts and bad trusts.
32.This president was elected because the Republican votes were split.
33.This court case helped limit the amount of hours women could work.
36.The Populist Party was organized mostly by ___________.
38.Roosevelt helped stop a _____________________ in 1902 by helping arbitrate between the workers and management.
40.This is the name given to the Populist Party platform.

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