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Virginia's Crossword Puzzle Vocab Lesson 3&4

Virginia Gautier

These words are from vocabulary lessons 3 and 4.

1 2
3     4
    5     6
9 10              
  13             14

7.Maybe you should always share about when your birthday is-LET'S CELEBRATE!
8.It's rather you want to go to Six Flags, or you don't care….PICK!
9.You can show to a friend you have self-respect to them along with worthiness.
11.I'm so eager to go to this soccer game!!!
13.I'm super excited for my soccer game in an hour!!!
15.Our kidneys clean our bodies by taking waste and purifying it.
1.At the queen's home, it's elegant detail was through the roof!!
2.A short way of saying this is fan.
3.My soccer team is very friendly and accepting.
4.Something you're excited about.
5.Almost like a dedication to someone in a book.
6.The party I went to was __________ by serving us drinks and snacks.
10.Are your siblings very _______ or annoying?
11.Almost like a fish. You want attract the fish.
12.It almost seems like everyone in England is very sophisticated and polite!
14.Make sure you're able to speak without offending the new player on the soccer team!

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