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Mountains, Origins, Locations Oh my!

Riley Marrillia

See if you can solve this corossword puzzle focused on the topic of mountains, their origins, locations, and more!

2 3            
4     5
6               7         8       9
  13   14  
      16   17
19         20               21  

3.Mount Fuji is the most _____ mountain in the world
6.For mountain climbers, the most challenging side is the _______ side
7.Where Mount Everest is located
8.Mount Sinai can also be called The Mountain Of ______
10.Mt Kosciuszko is part of the "Great ______ Range"
12.Highest mountain in Australia
15.Highest mountain in Greece
18.A pyramid-like mountain located on the border of Switzerland and Italy
19.highest mountain in Milayshia
23.Mountain related to the legend of "The 10 Commandments"
24.Tallest mountain in the world
1.Earth's mountains typically measured by distance above what
2.best-known, and highest mountain in the British Isles, Scotland
4.MountRushmore includes the heads of how many presidents
5.Highest mountain in Japan, known for it's symetrical shape
9.Mount Everest is __ Million years old
11.highest mountain in North America
12.Mount Everest is 8,848 _____ above sea level
13.Grandfater of all mountains in the world located in South Africa
14.Political monument located in South Dakota, USA
16.Highest mountain of Turkey
17.The most famous of "The 5 Sacred Chinese Mountains"
20.Second highest mountain in the world, located in China
21.MountArant close to the border with _______
22.Mount McKinley located in central part of _____

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