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Science Vocabulary

Eric Zhong

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1.Volume of gas is proportional to temp in K if pressure and # of particles are constant.
6.Energy due to an object's position
8.Matter in a state that has a definite shape and volume; atoms vibrate; uniform.
9.Energy is released.
10.Matter that has neither definite shape nor volume; atoms collide with each other and with container.
13.Energy caused by motion.
14.A stretchy solid. Atoms are not always in uniform order.
15.Solid to Gas. Phase Change. Endothermic.
16.Occurs below boiling temp. Occurs at surface. Liquid to gas. Phase Change. Endothermic.
17.Energy is absorbed.
18.A reversible physical change where the state of matter is altered.
1.A solid that is sturdy, resists bending, and its atoms are always in a uniform pattern
2.0 Kelvin (Space is approx. 2.73 Kelvin)
3.The amount of force applied over a given area.
4.The volume of gas is inversely proportional to its pressure if temperature and # of molecules remain constant
5.Matter in a state that has a definite volume, but not shape; not uniform; atoms slip and slide.
7.Liquid to gas. Phase Change. Endothermic.
11.Gas to Solid. Phase Change. Exothermic.
12.Gas to liquid. Phase Change. Exothermic.

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