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23                 24     25 26 27
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36 37                   38 39    
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                45   46
47             48           49                  

2.cowardly, contemptibly timorous, spineless
4.concluding section of a musical or literary composition
7.aimless, haphazard, unfocused, disappointing in performance
8.alleviate, mitigate, ease or lesson (pain), sooth or calm (anger)
10.thicken, congeal, clot
12.promptness, cheerful willingness, eagerness
14.pretentious and long-winded, pompous, using inflated language
17.convincing, well argued, powerfully persuasive
18.claim or thesis, disagreement, debate, striffe
19.riddle, especially one involving a pun, puzzle, difficult problem
20.subside, lessen in intensity
23.make shiny by rubbing, polish
28.moderation in eating and drinking, temperate
29.irregularity, abnormality, deviation from the norm
30.someone who acts in a rude or insensitive way, lout, oaf
32.abnormal, deviant
33.improve, make better or more bearable, amend
37.sum total, all the parts as a whole
40.discordant, unpleasant sounding, grating, strident
41.political or personal independence, freedom, self-governance
42.make impure by adding inferior or tainted substances, contaminate
47.support, prop up , reinforce, strengthen
48.verbal punishment, scolding, severe criticism
51.penitent, remorseful, repentant, deeply sorry
52.chronologically out of place, out of its proper time period
53.assert confidently, affirm, declare, state formally as fact, profess
54.producing benefits, charitable, generous
1.cause of ruin or misery, blight, curse
3.one who practice self-denial, hermit, abstainer
5.sharpness of temper, harshness of manner, acrimony
6.deadly, ominous, threatening harm or misfortune
7.blacken, belittle, defame, disparage
9.one who abandons his or her beliefs (religious or political)
11.weaken or lessen (in density, force or degree) make thinner/finer
13.temporary inactivity, suspended action
15.spurious, not authentic, invented rather than true, mythical
16.intricate, highly complex, even devious, involved
19.submissive, yielding, willing to obey
21.able to burn, dissolve, or corrode by chemical reaction, harsh, stinging
22.trickery to deceive someone, deception, fraud, evasion
23.allow, tolerate, put up with
24.obliging, eager to please, overly polite
25.inform, make aware of, advise of , notify
26.lack of originality, triteness, a commonplace expression
27.carefree, happy, lighthearted
31.combine, unite in one body, merge
34.confuse, mix up, puzzle, baffle
35.intimidate, frighten, dishearten
36.developing rapidly, flourish, send out new buds
37.slanderous remark, abusive attack, disparaging comment
38.person competent to act as a judge of art. etc. person with discriminating tastes
39.corresponding in extent, degree, amount, adequate
41.habitual aversion, intense dislike, natural repugnance
43.diligent, industrious, unremitting, persistant
44.approval, good opinion, commendation, praise
45.comprehensive though brief summary of a larger work
46.dry up, preserve by moving moisture, dehydrate
48.come together, approach an intersecting point
49.harshly biting, sharp and penetrating, bitter in taste
50.something that precipitates an action or change

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