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On The Sidewalk Bleeding

Ms Bellamy

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4.The main character
7.The story teaches about the dangers of______
9.The rain is important as it was washing away Andy's _______
11.The story deals with four types of __________
13.The main theme
14.The age of Andy
15.The author of the story
17.The name of the club he had left
19.The technique used in 'the March rain drilling his jacket'
20.Andy's girlfriend
1.The jacket is an important _________ in the story
2.An emotion we feel for Andy
3.His name was delicately scripted on the jacket over his______
5.The knife entered just below hi _________
6.The first person to see Andy after he had been stabbed was _______
8.The conflict between Andy and the people who do not help him is manVs____
10.The technique used in 'bubbling of blood'
12.Rival gang to 'The Royals'
16.The technique used in 'pain ripped fire across his body'
18.The technique used in 'carried it like a queen'

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