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Everything you need to know to start your own babysitting business!

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2.Don't ask for too high ___________.
5.Bring some fun ____________ to play with the kids when you come.
7.Don't play _______________; give all the kids the same treatment if possible.
10.When feeding the kids dinner, always put the baby in a ______________.
11.Never, never, never ____________ a baby.
13.Avoid watching ____, find creative things to do with the kids instead.
15.Don't ___________ little kids from games; let them play, too.
1.Don't be afraid to change a baby's _________________.
3.Little kids love ________________, therefore, you should give them as much as possible.
4.Before leaving, help the kids pick up their ___________.
6.Playing outside is a good way for the kids to get fresh air and ____________.
8.Never leave children unattended in the ________________, they could drown.
9.Always cut up foods like hot dogs and grapes so kids don't ___________.
11.If nap time is too late in the day, the kids will not want to go to __________ at night.
12.When cooking, keep kids out of the ______________.
14.The best way to handle naughty kids are to put them in time _________.

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