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Laura Guiver

Revision for AS Human Biology, Cells topic

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2.Movement of large quantities of materials in and out of cells (2 Words)
6.The organelle on which proteins are synthesised inside the cell
7.The process of taking materials into a cell by surrounding them with part of the plasma membrane, which then pinches off to form a vesicle inside the cell. This is an active process requiring ATP
8.Water-repelling (water-hating)
10.Membrane lipid with a branching carbohydrate chain attached
11.Large space within a plant cell that contains cell sap
12.A protein found in membranes, which is capable of carring a specific molecule or ion through the membrane by active transport (2 Words)
1.The type of molecule that forms a bilayer in water. Has phosphate and glycerol head and two hydrocarbon tails (2 Words)
3.A collection of tissues that work together to perform a specific overall function or set of functions within a multicellular organism
4.A membrane-bound sac found in cells and used to transport materials around the cell
5.Associating with mater molecules easily (water-loving)
9.A group of similar cells that perform a particular function

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