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Ceramic Crossword

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  4           5

1.____________________ is a rubber tool used to smooth out the clay.
4.____________________ removes all air bubbles from the clay and evenly distributes moisture.
6.A mixture of clay and water used to bond two pieces of clay together _________________________.
8.The oven that the clay is heated in _______________________.
10.Clay that has been fired one time and is ready to be glazed is called _______________________.
11.To bond two pieces of clay together, first you __________ the areas that will touch by carving X's into the clay.
1.The tool used to roll the clay into even flat pieces _______________________.
2.Clay that is dry on the outside and wet on the inside is _______________________.
3.______________________ is the process of applying extreme heat to the clay to promote a chemical change.
5.____________________ adds color to the clay and is applied to Bisque-ware.
7.Pockets of air trapped in the clay are called ________________________.
9.Clay that is dry both on the outside and inside is _______________________, and ready to be fired.

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