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Understanding Epics & Homer's Epics

Partners in Crime

Read pages 708-711 in your textbook before beginning the crossword; you will have an easier time in solving it. You can use your textbook to complete the puzzle.

1 2 3
4 5   6                       7     8      
      9   10 11     12      
  15                     16      
            17             18  
19   20            
21                         22              
    24       25          
      27                 28         29    
      31 32              
34 35     36 37        
    39                 40   41      
      42               43
    44 45                  
    47       48        

5.Cannibals who lived on a distant island
7.Odysseus's swineherd
10.Sea nymph who holds odysseus captive on her island for seven years
13.Member of Odysseus's crew (there are two so choose wisely)
14.A plea to the Muse or goddess of poetry for inspiration
15.One of Penelope's suitor's (there are two so choose wisely)
17.Blind Prophet
21.People who live off the intoxicating lotus plant (2 Words)
22.Brief descriptive phrases that emphasize an important characteristic of a person or thing
25.Goddess of Wisdom and protector of Odysseus
26.Son of Odysseus and Penelope
27.Female monster who lives underwater and forms a deadly whirlpool
28.One-eyed giants
30.Greek king and husband of Helen, whose kidnapping by the Trojans set off the Trojan War
32.Second major Indian epic written around 500 BCE
33.Odysseus's nurse
36.Six-headed female sea monster
38.Place of darkness in the Underworld
39.Island filled with grazing farm animals owned by Helios, the sun god
41.A long story often told in verse involving heroes and gods
42.God of the sea and earthquakes
44.Written by Roman Virgil around 25 BCE
46.Group of singing nymphs who lure men to their deaths
47.Goddess of epic poetry
48.Legendary bard credited with composing The Odyssey and The Iliad
1.Odysseus's dog
2.In the middle of things (3 Words)
3.Ruler of all the gods
4.Wife of Odysseus
6.Extended comparisons that go on for several lines (2 Words)
9.King of Ithaca, hero of the Trojan War
11.King of the island of Phaeacia, where Odysseus is shipwrecked near the end of his journey
12.Odysseus's cowherd
16.Odysseus's father
18.One of Penelope's suitor's (there are two so choose wisely)
19.The cyclops who eats some of Odysseus's crew; son of Poseidon
20.Daughter of Zeus whom Pluto kidnapped
23.Location in central Greece not far from Olympus: favorite location of Hermes
24.Member of Odysseus's crew (there are two so choose wisely)
25.Island of winds
29.Island ruled by the Alcinous
31.Epic tale based on a real king who ruled the city-state of Uruk around 2600 BC
34.Sun god
35.Messenger god
37.Allies of the Trojans and enemies of the Greeks
39.Wizard who foretold Polyphemus's future
40.God of the Underworld
42.Home of Nestor, a soldier who fought with Odysseus in the Trojan War
43.Goddess and sorceress who lives on the island of Aeaea
45.Tale of a real soldier who fought for both the Christians and the Moors in the eleventh- century Spain (2 Words)

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