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3.Becca's brothers' nickname for Billy (LIBLOB)
7.Becca forced herself to like (SIOVEL)
11.Billy's undergrad major and Becca's undergrad minor (ICNCOOMES)
13.Billy fell in love with Becca after she wrote him a note in this language (HLSVIE)
16.Becca's undergrad major (HGINLSE)
17.Becca graduated from --- University (ANAIDNI)
18.Becca's hidden talent (GLNJIGUG)
22.Billy graduated from --- University (MENREGASOOG) (2 Words)
23.Billy has a debilitating fear of --- (SSDEPIR)
24.Becca's dream job (KTUCERARABQ)
25.Before she moved to VA, Becca worked as a --- (RRTEANDEB)
28.Billy's greatest love (besides Becca) (COANB)
31.Billy and Becca both play --- (RIATUG)
32.Billy's undergrad minor (YGCSLOYOHP)
34.Month of Becca's birthday (YRERBAFU)
35.Number of instruments Billy can play (VEENS)
38.Right before their first romantic dinner date, Billy accidentally --- (STDSINAEHPIPPR) (3 Words)
39.Billy, Becca and Best Man Tom played in a jam band called --- (LEHRHDLIET) (2 Words)
40.Month of Billy's birthday (ROVEEMBN)
1.Of all the items on the wedding gift registry, Billy is most excited about --- (STOOL)
2.Becca has --- younger siblings (VIEF)
3.In December, Becca will complete her Master's degree in --- (SUESNSIB)
4.Becca works as a --- --- for the US EPA in Washington, DC (UTGDEB LATYASN)
5.Becca played --- for her high school soccer team (LEIGOA)
6.Billy and Becca knew they wanted to marry each other after dating for --- (KOEENEW) (2 Words)
8.Through an act of sheer childhood willpower, Becca is no longer --- (HKLITSCI)
9.Location of Billy and Becca's first date (EYFUBLFIJ) (2 Words)
10.Becca studied for two years at the University of --- (OHGCIAC)
12.Billy and Becca recently taught themselves how to play --- (NDAONLIM)
14.Billy works as an --- for DRT Strategies in Washington, DC (TALASNY)
15.Billy worked at --- for 11 years (SODONMI)
19.Billy's preferred method of food preparation (RLIINLGG)
20.Billy's middle name (SNRFAIC)
21.Billy refuses to eat --- (GOEAHTTSEEECC) (2 Words)
23.Billy and Becca's favorite drink (HOTSCC)
26.Becca's greatest (and most irrational) fear (RNRWGIHAITS)
27.Becca's middle name (YRMA)
29.Becca's favorite author is --- (SCIWLCE) (2 Words)
30.Becca and Billy's sister Bridget played barefoot soccer beneath this famous structure (RETLIOWFFEE) (2 Words)
33.Becca grew up in ---, IN (BSOTUHNED) (2 Words)
36.One of Billy and Becca's favorite pastimes is playing --- together (HACCT)
37.Billy has --- younger sisters (EHERT)

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