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Minecraft Adventure Map Quiz 1 - Herobrine's Mansion


There are many well-known adventure maps out there in the land of Minecraft, so I decided to pick out a few of them and make quizzes on them! This first one is based off of Herobrine's Mansion.

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4.One of the two Youtubers that is on the channel BlueXephos; he has interviewed, in a way, Warwick Davis
5.How many sets of gear are in the game?
6.What the ghost Herobrine owns in the map
7.The creator of the map
9.The basic set of gear you could get
11.Fill in the blank: _____ Log
12.The evil ghost that haunts Minecraft players; his name is in the title of the adventure map
14.There are unique ____ in the game, like Herobrine, the Wither, and the Skeleton King
16.The person who played with famous YouTuber AntVenom throughout the map
17.The second boss in the game, aside from the Training Dummy
18.The evil set of gear you could get
19.A YouTuber who has played this map; he is known for his parkour and survival games skills
20.The name of the boss mob that was added in Version 1.4
1.One of the common enemies in the game
2.The name of the game
3.One of the two Youtubers that is on the channel BlueXephos; he is smarter in a Minecraft sense than his partner
8.The good set of gear you could get
10.How many bosses are in the game?
13.A YouTube channel that has played this map; the main channel of the group the Yogscast
15.The group that famous YouTubers Sips, Sjin, and LividCoffee are part of

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