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COM 101 Exam 2 Review

Dale Mason

Activity sheet for Exam 2 review.

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  56                   57         58            

1.This test challenges managers and senior leaders to assess their own behavior against an expanded criteria that goes beyond organizational expediency and profitability to also include public scrutiny.
6.______ attempts to foster whateve ris best for the entire society. Jeremy Betham is noted as the founder.
7.The intent of the defendant being malicious or the defendant knowing the statement is false but acting with reckless disregard for the truth and publishing it regardless.
12.Opinion leaders on a single thing.
13.The government preventing or blocking the publication, broadcasting, showing, or otherwise distrbuting of media content, whether in print, over the air, or in movie theaters.
15.Writing on the behalf of someone else.
16.This focuses on questions of what is "right or wrong."
19.Laws intended to protect journalists from legal challenges to their freedom to report the news.
22.This type of speech is subject to federal regulation
25.Under this act, copyright law extends to digital works as well.
29.The foundation of communications law based on the premise established by the Radio Act of 1927 that the airwaves were a public good, a limited natural resource that belonged to the people.
31.This type of ethics is concerned with using these theoretical norms to solve real-world ethical problems.
33.This type of ethics attempts to assign meanings to the abstract language of moral philosophy
35.The FCC is the principal communications regulatory body at the federal level in the United States.
36.A type of defamation involving spoken word.
37.The two-part framework is the most basic restriction of speech, specifically that intended to incite dangerous activity that would succeed.
48.A type of defamation, such as a false attack on a person's character which damages a person's reputation. (Written word.)
49.Broadcasters must give equal air time to candidates running in elections.
50.The combination of deep focus, or maintaining many planes of action in focus simultaneously, with a set which allows the director to stage action on those many planes.
51.A series of symbolic definitions, or tropes, that constitute a network of ideas as much as the communication of bits.
52.The ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and communicate messages in a variety of forms.
54.Anyone who owned a radio frequency and radio should operate for the "public convenience, interest, or necessity."
55.The third major dimension of government control over media.
56.A defense to defamation charges.
57.Opinion leaders on many things.
59.______ make decisions based on what result is best for them.
2.The first sweeping federal legislation to rewrite the foundation of communications regulation in the US since 1934.
3.THE FDA has strict regulation on what can be said on the air in prescription drug commercials, which is why such commercials usually include a long list of possible side effects.
4.A balance must be struck between speech and other rights, but speech is given a preferred position.
5.These are intended to protect a specific form of intellectual property known as "invention."
8.Has the capacity to arrange and rearrange time and motion, thus revealing its dimensions that are deeply social, historical, industrial, technological, philosophical, political, aesthetic, pyschological, personal, and so forth.
9.Immanuel Kant introduced a duty-based moral philosophy called the ______ ______.
10.According to Prof. Egleson, what do directors do?
11.6 am - 10 pm, hours when children are likely to be viewing.
12.Marshall McLuhan is famous for this theory: What is the message?
14.An original story with new dialogue for a show that is currently on.
17.Broadly speaking, this is about finding ways using technology to rein in copyright infringement of digital content.
18.Congress shall make no law that suppresses freedom of speech, press, or religion, though there needs to be limits.
20.The idea that technology drives structure and cultural values of a society.
21.Ideas that have commercial value, such as literary or artistic works.
23.Requires broadcasters to seek out and present all sides of an issue when covering a controversy.
24.Defamation laws may have a ______ ______ on journalists, silencing them.
26.This type of deontologist considers not only the nature of an act in determining its lightness, but also its consequences.
27.All large ships must maintain radio contact with ships or shore stations. Responsibility rested with the Commerce Department.
28.The branch of philosophy that deals with questions of moral behavior. "Good & bad."
30.These acts were passed by the Federalist-controlled U.S. Congress as a response to a threat of war with France. Acts prohibited sedition, meaning spoken or written criticism of the government imposed penalties.
32.THis type of ethics emphasizes the nature f an act or decision. Immanuel Kant is considered the forefather of _______ ethics.
34.This type of utilitarianism places little value in precepts and only provide rough directions for moral and ethical experiences.
38.This type of speech, including advertising, has generally been afforded less First amendment protection than other form of speech, especially political speech or the news.
39.An exception to copyright law.
40.The origins of the Internet lay with this, which was founded following the launch of Sputnik to pursue scientific, military and avcademic research.
41.This is the name given to journalists acting as a watchdog group.
42.This type of ethics provides the foundation for decision making through the development of general rules and principles of moral conduct.
43.This type of utilitarianism is more concerned with what rule or action, when followed, will maximize the greatest good rather than with what rule or action will result in the greatest good result.
44.Refer to images, designs, logos, or even words or phrases.
45.One of the major forms of speech deemed unprotected by the First amendment, and is subject to censorship by the government.
46.This type of ethics underscores the consequences of an act or decision
47.The legal right to make a copy of a work.
53.This tradition
58.This tradition has a close relationship between source and receiver, information is highly malleable, information can be lost, very high community focus with active receivers, and hearing is the dominant sense.

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