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Invertebrate Crossword Puzzle

Cairee Mayfield revised by Tiffany Burdge

Use the clues to help you complete the puzzle.

2                       3
9 10   11 12  
13                                 14                
    15 16   17                   18   19    
          20   21     22       23  
        24                       25          
26         27           28           29       30       31  
34               35        

2.central section that contains the mollusk's organs (2 Words)
5.tiny tubular structure that pulls fluid from the coelom
6.tiny needle made of silica or calcium carbinate
7.a dramatic physical change
8.the class where the most primitive hydrozoa are located
13.primitive brain (2 Words)
14.a protective capsule
15.eye made up of alot of small individual units (2 Words)
18.hatchling or juvenile
21.produces a sticky substance which aids in the attachment to objects (2 Words)
24.marine animals that live in the ocean.
25.the simplest of all animals
26.a type of Arthropod.
28.sections in a tapeworm's body
30.hollow tubes that draw in seawater
32.stinging cells located on the tentacles
34.also called collar cells; lines the internal cavity of the sponge
37.clusters of amoebocytesencased in protective coats
38.the shedding, discarding of an exoskeleton periodically
39.small barbed harpoon within the cnidocyte
41.larvae of hydrozoans
1.slender, finger- like extensions from the arthropod's gut and are bathed by blood (2 Words)
3.parasidic worms
4.internal body walls
6.the class which "true jellyfish" belong to
10.a large group of soft-bodied polyps found in coastal areas all over the world: highly muscular and quite complex (2 Words)
11.another form of a jellyfish;tubelike, attaches itself to rocks or something of the sort
12.a chewing mouthpart
16.water exits these larger pores
17.are simple, single-celled animals
19.one body form of a jellyfish;umbrella shaped, free-floating, jelly-like
20.sponge cells that have an irregular shape: like amoebas
22.a structure that extends from an arthropod's body
23.makes the sponge's skeleton; made of flexible protein fiber
27.largest class of cnidarians
29.thick protective covering of cells posessed by endoparasites
31.penetrates the sponge's body wall
33.a tongue- like organ located in the mouth of mollusks
34.phlum which jellyfish belong to
35.the largest flatworm class
36.term usd to describe the attachment of sponges to other objects
38.heavy fold of tissue that forms the outer layer of the body

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