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Problem Solution Vocabulary

Patricia Galien

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3.Even though my grandmother is 90 years old and needs a lot of help, she is not a _____ to me and my family. (noun)
5.Because of all of the _____ she has , she wasn’t able to start college until she was 25 years old. (noun)
6.The students want many things; they have many _____ that they presented to the college administration. (noun)
10.He looks nearly perfect, but he has a few _____.(noun)
12.Gun control is a huge ____ in the United States. (noun)
15.There is a lot of _____ in politics. That is why four Illinois governors have gone to prison. (noun
16.I knew I was in _____ when the lights in my car started to flash, and my car wouldn’t accelerate. (noun)
1.I cannot find a solution to my _____. (noun)
2.For the most part I like my job, but I do have a little _____.(noun)
4.It was a dangerous situation, but we had to do something. In the end the _____ was worth it because we saved his life. (noun)
7.Many people are worried about the _____ of the rainforests. (noun)
8.Thank you for your help, but I have one more _____ that I would like to talk to you about. (noun)
9.I had five problems, and I could only find a _____ to one of them. (noun)
11.I made a lot of mistakes, and because of my _____, I could not progress to the next level. (noun)
13.Hurricane Sandy was such a huge storm that it turned into a _____ for millions of people. (noun)
14.He has so many _____ - food, housing, and a job. (noun)

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