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ECP7 Vocabulary for November

This puzzle contains all the vocabulary words for the month of November.

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1.to walk and step together with other people in a group
5.to keep objects moving by throwing and catching them
6.hair that is not real and worn on the head
7.a small stand where things are shown or sold
9.having many colors
12.something you win in a game or contest
13.a special event where people ride on decorated cars or walk down the street
18.the time before now
21.a person whose job is to host a circus and talk about the show
22.an act of skill or magic
25.a very big wheel with seats that people ride at carnivals
26.to work to make something happen
1.a cover that you put over your face to hide your face
2.someone in a circus who paints their face and does things to make people laugh
3.to keep objects moving by throwing and catching them
4.to send something through the air with a quick hand movement
8.a special day of celebration
10.a show with bursts of light and noise
11.a crust filled with fruit, meat, or other fillings
12.a large printed sheet with pictures and words
14.a stage on wheels that is covered with decorations
15.a show that travels to different places, where you can play games and go on rides
16.to make someone or something go into water or a drink
17.a fluffy sugar that is spun around a paper cone and eaten as a snack
19.a big cloth held up by poles in the ground
20.to beat a game or be first in a contest
22.a very long, large tooth of animals like elephants and walruses
23.a fun show with animals, clowns, and people
24.to shout and show happiness
25.a piece of cloth with colors and shapes

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