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Aryans in India

Allegra Dodds

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4.The lowest caste.
6.Buddha began this religion.
7.The Aryans brought this religion to India.
8.The destroying god:
10.The Buddhist's version of the afterlife.
13.How did the Aryans get to India?
14.People should seek love, truth and _________.
15.The persevering god:
17.How old was Buddha when he saw the three men?
18.What direction did the Aryans go to get to India?
1.Buddha saw a dead man, an old man and what other kind of man?
2.Buddha means ___________ one.
3.Rebirth of a soul into a new body.
5.Complete this saying: Death comes to us ___.
6.The creating god:
9.Buddha left his royal position to find the meaning of ____.
11.What is the language of the gods?
12.The Aryans brought these animals.
15.The Aryans sacred books of knowledge.
16.What direction did the non-Aryan people go?

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