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Vocabulary 11-9

acronym, address, affect, alter, analogy, annotate, anticipate, apply, approach, appropriate, abate, abode, abrupt, acclaim, acknowledge, acquire, aspire, acrid, adjacent, admonish, minute, mishap, amuse, prejudice, repute, dilute, retrospect, feature, countless, contentment

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1.antonym for ignore
4.synonym for address
6.This means to be judgmental of someone without knowing them well.
9.The court jester's job is to ____ everyone in the king's court.
11.being happy with what you have
12.A skunk's scent is a very ____ odor.
13.to cause something to happen
16.synonym for reproach
17.synonym for approach
18.When the good king returned from war victorious, he received much ____ from his citizens.
20.all of a sudden
23.I want to change my appearance, so I ____ my hair color.
24.lol, NASA, radar
25.When a student has good ____, his teachers look forward to having him in class.
26.Do you want to ____ for a job before you get out of high school?
1.Because his car was in the ditch, the police officer had to ____ a passing truck to continue his chase.
2.In order to make good lemonade, one must first ____ the concentrated lemon juice with water.
3.looking back
5.next to, touching
7.antonym for very few
8.What do you ____ to be when you grow up?
10.The players must ____ what the other team will do before they do it.
12.synonym for decrease
14.Pinocchio's most prominent ____was his nose.
15.There was a small accident outside my house; the ____ was caused by my son.
16.to make notes on something
19.to get
21.antonym for contrast
22.very small, tiny
23.another word for where you live

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