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Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle $10

Evelyne Copeland

2             3  
6   7       8                
  9 10                

2.There was a __________ of people running out the door when the gun was fired.
6.The guy was very _______ to crack.
8.What is the best way to ____________ this sentence.
9.The custom of giving gifts was ___________ in the 1800's.
11.A puppy requires _________ attention.
13.I __________ on my test because I got an A+.
1.My test was ________ I go a C+.
2.The teacher ___________ us when we were scard of the fire.
3.I was__________ after running the mile today.
4.My grandpa is a __________ because he fought in the war.
5.My chores that I have to do every day are _____________.
7.I was _________ for dinner because I forgot to have breakfast and lunch.
10.The cartoon movie I saw looked very ____________ in the movie theater.
11.After the show my friends and I had a _________ meeting.
12.A _________ broke out when the student accused the other student of taking his teddy bear.

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