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Hunger Games Cross Word

Larry Whiten

See How Much you know about the hunger games.

1 2 3         4     5
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    11     12 13
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3.what is the name of the district twelve mentor
7.name of the plce where the government is
10.name of the book
11.is katniss dad alive
14.what was katniss main weapon
16.what is the name of the little black girl who was Katniss' friend in the arena
19.how many people total are in the arena every year
20.How many districts are there
21.what is the name of the female tribute from district 12
1.whats the name of rues partner
2.what is the name of the famous bird in the book
4.what is the name of those bee like things
5.what is the name of the male tribute from district 12
6.who dos katniss first love
8.whatdid peeta throw at katniss when it was raining
9.Name of the last boy Katniss killed
11.was it love at first site with peeta and katniss
12.who is Katniss' little sister
13.how many people won the hunger games that year
15.whats effies last name
17.What is th presidents name
18.what was peetas main weapon

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