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Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 9

Zach DeSilvis

Joints, Articulations, and such.

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    4   5  
6                     7
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4.crosses underneath the ACL
6.A condition due to wear and tear and old age
8.A fibrocartilaginous layer in the shoulder, allowing for free movement
9.Localized masses of adipose tissue covered by a layer of synovial membrane
12.When the thumb turns towards the fingers (opposite them)
14.To lower a body part
15.A thick solution inside joints used to lubricate and deliver nutrients
18.Moving your arm in a loop
19.Holds muscles to bones
22.Turrning the sole of the foot inward
23.Raising a body part
25.A pad of fibrocartilage situated between opposing joints in the knee
1.A small fluid-filled pocket in connective tissue
2.Articulating surfaces are forced out of position
3.To bend the trunk to the side
5.Holds bones to bones
7.A joint seperated by a wedge or pad of fibrocartilage
10.How the teeth are binded to the bony sockets in the mandible
11.Moving a body part back to its anatomical position
13.Where a ligament is stretched but not torn
16.Movement away from the longitudinal axis of the body in the frontal plane
17.A joint located only between the bones of the skull
20.A joint that allows only angular motion in a single plane
21.Turning the sole of the foot outward
24.A crucial ligament in the knee, often torn by athletes

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