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3.Consists of implying a meaning different from, and often the complete opposite of, the one that is explicitly stated
6.a figure of thought in which an abstract concept, animal, or inanimate object is treated as if it were alive or has human attributes
7.The broadest class of figures of thought that depend on presenting a deliberate contrast between two levels of meaning
8.Refers to an implication of alternated reversed meaning that pervades a work
9.a trope which substitutes the name of an entity with something else that is closely associated with it.
1.a special type of personification in which inanimate aspects of nature, such as landscape or weather are represented having human qualities or feelings
2.Refers to an implied worldview in which characters are led to embrace false hopes of aid or success, only to be defeated by a larger force
4.Occurs when the audience is privy to knowledge that one or more of the characters lack
5.a figure of thought in which the term for part of something is used to represent the whole.

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