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Unit 6: The Effective Teacher

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  5   6  
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1.a stragegy used to encourage many levels of thought
7.the teacher monitors student progress by using observation and other assessement methods
9.the teacher encourages students to share thoughts and ideas about a topic
10.Activities/support that help educators develop and improve professional knowledge
11.the teacher explains a process using many examples
13.demonstrating conduct and qualities that characterize a professional person
14.orally presenting information to an audience
15.the teacher presents information and directs the learning process
16.the 3 to 5 seconds a teacher should wait for an answer
2.methods or techniques used to achieve/promote learning
3.the teacher acts as a guide to help students learn
4.working together in small groups
5.a person whose behavior is imitated by others
6.the teacher is the facilitator as the students direct their own learning
8.the amount of time a student is engaed in a learning process
12.conduct that is disciplined and considered a moral duty

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