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4.caused by the passage of a foreign body into the pulmonary artery or its branches, resulting in obstruction of blood flow to lung tissue and subsequent lung collapse
5.these are the s/s from what disease- dyspnea on exertion, barrel chested, pursed- lip breathing; and clubbing
6.communicable disease classified to the offending organism; bacterial marked by an exudate with consolidation of infection
7.needle aspiration of fluid from the pleural space for diagnostic and therapeutic uses
8.collection of air or gas in the pleural space, causing the lung to collapse; chest tube is preferred treatment
9.for continuous drainage of fluid, blood, or air from the pleura cavity and for medication instillation, and keeps the lungs from collapsing
12.what is the disease that has these s/s -hypoxia and hypercapnia, productive cough, and cor pulmonale
1.performed to assess the presence and severity of disease in the larger and small airways
2.highly contagious vial disease; infected person put in isolation until 10 days after fever and respiratory symptoms have resolved
3.usually accompanies left ventricular failure which causes fluid to back up in to left atrium and into the pulmonary veins/ capillaries resulting in pink frothy sputum
9.performed to assess the presence and severity of disease in the larger and small airway
10.one of the first s/s may be a sharp inspiratory pain often radiating to shoulder or abdomen of affected side; auscultate for pleural friction rub
11.progressive, irreversible condition characterized by diminished inspiratory and expiratory capacity of the lungs; combination of 3 respiratory disorders

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