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NC's Executive Branch of Government


1.The department offers instructional, financial, technological, and personnel support to all public school systems in the state
3.Is responsible for regulating animal health, crop and livestock, and operation of the NC State Fair
4.How many years does our Governor serve for one term?
7.The 2nd highest elected official in NC, and has power in TWO branches of government
8.The second branch in NC's government who enforces the laws of NC
1.The Largest Agency in NC government who is responsible for safeguarding the health,safety and well being of the people of NC.
2.Has four primary functions: to provide legal representation to state agencies, assist local law enforcement in fighting crime and prosecuting cases, provide training and standards for law enforcement, and to protect North Carolina consumers
3.Is charged with promoting the "health, safety and general well-being of more than 4 million workers in the state
5.The head of the Executive Branch of NC
6.Who elects the governor of NC?

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