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The Life Saving Rules

The Safety Task Force

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5.The Life Saving rules focus on the _______ risk work activities
6.An important consideration is that the Limits of Approach are not a physical _______ and can be easily broken.
7.Adjust your ______ to the weather and road conditions
8.Ensure that Worker Protection ________ or Bonding is applied
9.Ensure there is a Safety Protection ______ or Lockout in place and check that it is appropriate for your work
12.The Life Saving Rules were created by BC Hydro, IBEW and ________
13.The Life Saving Rules applies to both BC Hydro Employees and ______
16.Have the courage to _______
17.If you can’t do your job without breaking a rule, _____ work and speak to a manager
18.Maintain a safe atmosphere in a confined space and ensure you can be _______
1.Test for______ energy
2.The Life Saving Rules replace the ______ Rules
3.Prevent harmful exposure to known, _______ toxins and bio-hazards
4.Maintain your Limits of ________
5.Protect yourself from falling when working at ______
10.It is expected that all _______ will follow the Life Saving Rules
11.Don't work while under the influence of ______ or Drugs
14.There are ______ Life Saving Rules
15.We expect and encourage people to _____ incidences so we can improve safety and learn from experiences

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