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Ancient Rome and Early Christianity


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1.Declared the Empire to be an outcast from the Church
5.conflict between groups within the same century, following their deaths
6.a drastic drop in the value of money coupled with a rise in prices
7.the city of Constantine
9."Roman peace"
12.A single uniform code used for laws
13.a strong willed army leader
16.military leader that joined forces with a wealthy Roman named Crassus and a popular general named Pompey
18.“Holy Wisdom” in Greek
22.An apostle who became the first bishop of Rome.
23.foreign soldiers who fought for money
25.long struggle between Rome and Carthage
26.a Roman historian who is notable among ancient historians because of his accuarately represented facts in his writing
28.a leader who had absolute power to make laws and command the army
32.The dispersal of the Jews from their homeland in Palestine- especially during the period of more than 1,800 years that followed the Roman's destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.
34.The bishop of Rome, head of the Roman Catholic Church.
35.built by roman engineers, arches that that supported bridges and brought water into cities and towns
36.One of the followers of Jesus who preached and spread his teachings.
37.form of government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to vote for their leaders
39.Huns powerful chieftain
40.aristocratic branch of rome’s government
2.Slavic languages, including Russian are written in this
3.A Roman emperor who approved Christianity in Rome.
4.Roman culture: ancient culture that developed from a blending of Greek, Hellenisitc, and Roman cultures
8.the wealthy landowners who held most of the power
10.a Roman poet who spent ten years writing the most famous work of Latin literature, the Aeneid.
11.A Jew named Jesus who was born in the town of Bethlehem in Judea.
14.A high ranking Byzantine nobleman
15.A high-ranking Christian official who supervises a number of local churches.
17.Leading Bishop of the East
19.the common farmers, artisans, and merchants who made up the majority of the population
20.a group of three leaders
21.large military units made up of 5000 heavily armored foot soldiers and a group of soldiers on horseback
24.29 year old Carthaginian general who wanted to avenge Carthage’s earlier defeat
27.two officials who commanded the army and directed the government, but had limited power and only served one year
29."exalted one"
30.representatives elected by plebeians who protected the rights of the plebeians from unfair acts of patrician officials
31.Roman town where Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, which covered the city in thick ash and killed about 2,000 elements
33.An apostle who had an enormous influence on Christianity's development.
38.religious images used for Christians to aid their devotions

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