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Tropical cyclone crossword

Anthony Oyeleke

1               2
4     5               6  
7     8    
9         10                      
  11           12  
  15         16           17          

1.deviations from "normalities", or nominal temperature
4.hurricanes are caused by this
9.stormy area with closed circulation in tropical regions
11.1989 Hurricane, over $7 billion in damages
15.when an event decreases due to an outside factor
18.Strongest part of a hurricane
20.rotating winds of low atmospheric pressure
2.A rising of the sea as a result of atmospheric pressure changes
3.cyclones in the northern hemisphere spin...
5.El Nino Southern Oscillation
6.unusually cool anomalies are shown in this color
7.worst hurricane in US history
8.when an event increases due to an outside factor
10.cyclones in the southern hemisphere spin...
12.the movement of shifting back and forth
13.An instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure
14.abnormally cool temperatures, same area of the pacific
16.northeast and southeast trade winds meet here
17.abnormally warm temperatures, move eastward toward Peru's east coast
19.unusually warm anomalies are shown in this color

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