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Ancint China

Breannon Kelty

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1.There are two rivers starting with Y one is the Yangtze and the other is the
2.Ancient Chinese time period
5.Ancient Chinese Warriors
10.Chinese invention
11.How many thousands kilometre's is the Great Wall of China
12.Tea was first used for what
14.Ancient China was the first to drink what
15.China has cultivated tea for how many thousands of years
17.The Great Wall of China starts 70km North of what city
18.How many tonnes were some stones for The Great Wall of China
20.Ancient Chinese invetion to help stay on a horse
22.What percentage of 1million people who working on The Great Wall, died
25.3 Ancient Chinese belief systems were Taoism, Confucianism & what
27.Ancient Chinese farming invention
28.Ancient Chinese creation
29.Ancient Chinese warship
30.Ancient Chinese outdoor game invented
3.A Dragon stands for good luck, power & what
4.Silk was discovered in the Emperors what
6.Ancinet Chinese weapon
7.The Grand Canal is how many thousands of km long
8.How old was the last Emperor when he started ruling
9.A desert near China
13.An Ancient Chinese children's toy is the bamboo what
14.China's percentage of the world's population
16.A Chinese piece of cutlery
18.China's longest structure
19.How many thousands of km did the Chinese dig of the Grand Canal in 3 years by hand
21.The dragon was the symbol of who
23.How many thousands of years has China been around for
24.A Chinese game
26.The Great Wall of China represents the back of what large reptile

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