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Shakespeare Theatrical Terms

Grace Warren

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1.drama that ends in catastrophe for the main character and often other important characters as well
6.funny part of a story that relieves the emotional intensity and allows the audience to prepare for more intense events to come
7.a form of unrhymed poetry
9.a speech given by a character alone on a stage to let the audience know what he is thinking
10.a reference within a work to something outside the work that the reader or audience is expected to know (Shakespeare often makes these to Greek and Roman myths and the Bible.)
2.a remark made by a character to the audience or another character that other characters on stage are not supposed to hear
3.devices the audience accepts as realistic even though they don't reflect how real people behave so they require the suspension of disbelief.
4.the main character in a tragedy, usually nobly born and very influential in their society, and has one or more fatal flaw
5.two lines of verse that rhyme
8.a character who acts oppositely of another character and creates a contrast with the first character

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