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Social Psychology in the Clinic

Leimomi E. Guy-Studebaker

Social Psychology Chapter 14

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1.Believing something that is wrong even when presented with facts that state otherwise (2 Words)
8.increase another's welfare without conscious regard for one's self interests (2 Words)
10.Exhibit traits after diagnosis given, seek and recall information that verifies (3 Words)
15.Feeling worthless, lethargic, uninterested, unable to sleep or eat
21.Learning how to implement assertive behaviors into daily life (2 Words)
22.A form of social anxiety
23.The ability to see things better than they are (2 Words)
24.Change typical attributions through retraining, improving explanatory style (3 Words)
25.Seeing all events as relevant to them and overestimate being watched or evaluated
26.Painful awareness relationships are few or not as meaningful as desired
27.Tendency to make accurate rather than self-serving judgements/attributions/predictions (2 Words)
28.Effect on behavior or condition when given an inactive agent (2 Words)
29.Habitual way of explaining life events (2 Words)
30.Inner disposition will change after the behavior changes (2 Words)
2.choosing between relying on intuition or proven research (4 Words)
3.Observing and then practicing new behaviors in safe situations (3 Words)
4.Tendency to be more confident than correct overestimating one's accuracy
5.Interdisciplinary field that integrates/applies behavorial and medical knowledge (2 Words)
6.A personality trait instead of a temporary state
7.Sense of resignation learned when perceived no control over repeated bad events (2 Words)
9.I knew it all along phenomenon (2 Words)
11.Percception of a relationship where none exists or of a stronger relation (2 Words)
12.Tendency to perceive oneself favorably (3 Words)
13.Study of psychological roots of health and illness (2 Words)
14.Talk and act in new ways that will generate new emotions (3 Words)
16.External reasoning for doing something (2 Words)
17.The study, assessment, and treatment of people with psychological difficulties (2 Words)
18.Type A people (3 Words)
19.Induce participants to behave in new ways in front of the group (3 Words)
20.Scientific study of how people think, influence, and relate to one another (2 Words)

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