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Multigenre Project- Group B

Laura Bailor

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1.A teaching method is _______ when students are learning.
4.The process of imparting knowledge.
6.In the ______ ______ there are many different working teaching methods. (2 Words)
11.A philosophy used to teach diverse learners.
14.This measures students' level of accomplishment due to education. (2 Words)
15.The way a teacher goes about educating.
1.The _____ system of America has drastically changed in the past two eras.
2.This project examines the ______ __ _______ in the United States. (3 Words)
3.Eight different areas of excellence that students can excel at. (2 Words)
5.School system used through the early 1900s where all students were in the same room. (3 Words)
7.A school consisting of students generally grades 1-6. (2 Words)
8.Another words for pupils.
9.A ______ ______ refers to how teachers education students in a district. (2 Words)
10.Students that are in grades 7-12 attend a _______ school. (2 Words)
12.Introducing something new such as a teaching method.
13.Different levels of learning all in one classroom; used in early methods of schooling. (2 Words)

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