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cell crossword

john Bellanca

a small brain teaser before you next test

1   2            
  3   4              
    6 7
10                   11    
14     15  

1.a non-membrane bound structure[1] composed of proteins and nucleic acids found within the nucleus of cells
3.found only in animal cells. They function in cell division.
5.locomotion but it also often has function as a sensory organelle, being sensitive to chemicals and temperatures outside the cell.
8.capture the sun's light energy, store it in the energy storage molecules ATP and NADPH and use it in the process called photosynthesis
9.separates the interior of all cells from the outside environment.
10.called suicide sacks. They are produced by the golgi body. They consist of a single membrane surrounding powerful digestive enzymes
12.regulates all that enters and leaves the cell
16.responsible for packaging proteins for the cell
17.fibrous, hollow rods, that function primarily to help support and shape the cell. They also function as routes along which organelles can move
18.A cell organelle containing enzymes, such as catalase and oxidase, that catalyze the production and breakdown of hydrogen peroxide.
19.gel-like substance residing within the cell membrane holding all the cell's internal sub-structures
20.manufacture proteins for the cell
2.provides these cells with structural support and protection, in addition to acting as a filtering mechanism
4.s a double lipid bilayer that encloses the genetic material in eukaryotic cells.
6.the combination of DNA and proteins that make up the contents of the nucleus of a cell
7.present in all plant and fungal cells and some protist, animal[1] and bacterial cells.[2] Vacuoles are essentially enclosed compartments which are filled with water containing inorganic and organic molecules including enzymes in solution
11.an organelle that serves as the main microtubule organizing center (MTOC) of the animal cell
13.a membrane-enclosed organelle found in eukaryotic cells. It contains most of the cell's genetic material, organized as multiple long linear DNA
14.A double membrane bound organelle involved in the synthesis and storage of food, and is commonly found within the cells of photosynthetic organisms, like plants.
15.hairlike organelles, identical in structure to flagella, that line the surfaces of certain cells and beat in rhythmic waves, providing locomotion to ciliate protozoans and moving liquids along internal epithelial tissue in animals

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