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Constitution Puzzle

David Steets

This is a Cross Word Puzzle about the Constitution

2                   3    
6                   7   8    
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2.A plan for government where there would be 3 branches (2 Words)
5.The most influential person at the Constitutional Convention (2 Words)
6.Anti-federalist who would not vote for the constitution until a bill of rights was added (2 Words)
9.The First 10 amendments to the constitution which spelled out the rights of people (3 Words)
10.A meeting of the delegates ti strengthen the federal government (2 Words)
12.Said that a certain amount of slaves would be counted as population, also this amount would be counted for taxes.
15.A trail into Kentucky that lead to the western lands settled (2 Words)
16.The ____ compromise proclaimed that the senate has equal number of representatives from every state, and that the house of representatives would be based on population
17.Dividing the land into 6 square mile plots called townships (2 Words)
18.People who supported the Constitution
1.The first government of the U.S.A. (3 Words)
3.People who didnt support the Constitution
4.Farmers from Massachusetts had to pay high taxes but couldn't, so they were put in jail, which led to a rebellion. (2 Words)
7.How the Northwest territory would be governed (2 Words)
8.An area that includes Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and part of Minnisota (2 Words)
11.A plan for government that the smaller states liked (3 Words)
13.System of government with shared powers between the federal government and the state government
14.A type of government where the people choose representitives

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