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Legal Terms Crossword

This crossword puzzle is due Wednesday, November 13th. Use your legal terms to complete the crossword puzzle. Use your notes for a word box. You will use each word twice, once for as a defintion, and the second time to complete a sentence.

2 3              
4   5  
6                             7
          11         12
    13 14          
          17 18 19

3.The __________ went after the defendant.
6.The _________________ book is the author's most famous work
8.to relinquish voluntarily
9.a tract of land with the buildings thereon
10.end in time or existence
11.A ________ is now leasing the apartment.
15.It was the same material, ______________ the texture seemed different.
20.something overdue in payment
21.legally responsible
22._______________ in contract will ruin your chances of finishing your claim.
1.They were asked to leave the _________.
2.a measure taken beforehand to deal with a need or contingency
4.in spite of; without being opposed or prevented by
5.The law protects against unfair contract ___________.
6.mentioned previously
7.Following; going after
9.______________ should be made for regular inspections.
12.one who holds or possesses real estate or sometimes personal property (as a security) by any kind of right
13.shared in common
14.We needed to _________ rely on each other.
16.the act or a result of breaking
17.Those countries that have paid their _______ may be granted additional loans.
18.You are _______ for the damage caused by your action.
19.If you sign this document, you will _________ all rights.

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