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1     2       3
6       7 8 9
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  33               34 35
        36       37             38    
  41                     42                  
43         44                      
45           46                

1.Also known as the “do” form which gives emphasis to the action.
5.Unit of language with meaning; differs from "word" because some cannot stand alone.
10.Sets the limit of a quality.
11.Is used when a speaker wants the hearer to do something.
12.Nouns that refer to objects that can be counted.
13.Used in stating a fact or asking a question.
17.A group of words containing a subject and predicate and functioning as a member of a complex or compound sentence.
18.An element which completes a structure.
19.Word that describes the subject's action or state and that we can change or conjugate based on tense and person.
20.Is when the subject performs the action expressed in the verb.
22.A group of two or more grammatically related words that form a sense unit expressing a thought.
23.Are conjunctions usually used in pair.
26.Another term for continuous.
29.Occurs before the root or stem of a word.
30.Used to complete the interchange of action involve in the predicate.
32.Used to refer to specific person or thing.
37.Tells of something that exists now or to an action occurring at this moment.
40.Used to give indefinite reference to a person.
41.A word that joins together sentences, clauses, phrases, or words.
42.Where noun is placed before the verb.
43.A system of inflections of a verb to indicate the relation of the subject of the verb to the action which the verb expresses.
44.Expresses habitual action, a general truth or a place.
45.Noun form of a verb, formed with VERB-ing.
46.To give in prescribed order the various inflectional forms of something.
2.Another term for auxiliary verb.
3.Unity in a text, usually as regards form.
4.Basic state of an adjective or adverb when it shows quality but not comparative or superlative.
6.Sentence type that indicates the speaker's view towards the degree of reality of what is being said, for example subjunctive, indicative, imperative.
7.Nouns that used for a group of persons, animals, places, or things.
8.Is when the subject receives the action of the verb.
9.Are formed by adding –ly to adjective.
14.The declension of adjectives/adverbs, indicating degree.
15.Change of word form indicating one person or thing or more than one person or thing.
16.Tells of the nature or identity of the subject.
18.An inflectional form of a noun, pronoun, or adjective indicating its grammatical relation to other words.
21.Describes or tells about a quality.
23.Used in comparing two persons, objects, or ideas.
24.Does not carry the action over to an object.
25.The process of conforming one sound to another to aid in pronunciation.
27.State a command or request.
28.A grammatical construction in which two typically adjacent nouns referring to the same person or thing stand in the same syntactical relation to the rest of a sentence.
30.Used to refer to the subject.
31.An added word or expression by which a predicate is made complete.
33.Used to expressed a wish or a possibility.
34.Used as an adjective, to modify a noun .
35.A grammatical case that denotes ownership or a relation analogous to ownership.
36.Verb used to form tenses of others.
37.A word used in place of a noun.
38.Another term for subjective case.
39.Noun phrase in a sentence that directly receives the action of the verb.

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