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World Geography

Name the countries of the world

1 2
4             5    
  6 7           8  
10                 11          
      12   13    
14             15    
17                       18     19  
22                     23        

3.The world’s largest river basin is located in this country
4.This country was once known as Rhodesia
6.This country is responsible for x-rays, the coffee filter and Adidas
10.The Altai Mountains are on the western side of this country
11.The name of this country means “Big Village”
12.This country covers 5 times zones but only uses one
14.This country has the largest amount of detectable earthquakes
16.This country’s capital is located at 35°18′29″S 149°07′28″E
17.Home of the Kimberly Diamond Mine (2 words)
18.The Po River flows through which country
20.This ‘country’ has the world’s smallest area (2 words)
22.This landlocked country is not a part of the European Union
23.Has the world's only non-quadrilateral flag
24.The name of this country’s capital city simply means “capital” (2 words)
25.The largest island on Earth
1.This "Isle of Spice" has nutmeg on its flag
2.The world’s most forested country
5.The only African country never to be colonized
7.This country is named for its latitudinal location
8.This country is approximately the same size as Texas, with about twice the population of California
9.Name the Arab country that borders the eastern shore of the Dead Sea
13.The mountain range on this country’s northern border is the result of its collision with the Eurasian Plate
15.This European country is doubly landlocked i.e. surround only by other landlocked countries
19.This country had the world’s only mono-colour flag (until 2011)
21.This country is on the western side of South America’s largest lake
24.Its precipitation lies mainly in the plateaued region

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